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Moni Toplou R02

Museum of the Toplou Monastery

There are the following collections:

  • Collection of Cretan icons,
  • Collection of engravings.

The most important exhibits of the Museum are:

  • Τheotokos the Immaculate, 15th century. Portable icon,
  • Christ Pantocrator, 15th century. Portable icon, painted by Andreas Ritzos,
  • St John the Precursor with scenes of his life, 17th century. Portable icon painted by F. Kavertzas,
  • The Dormition of the Virgin, 15th online casino century. Portable icon,
  • Virgin of the Passion and St Nicolas, 1642. Portable icon,
  • Sts Theodoroi, 1723. Portable icon by the painter Niketas,
  • Holy Trinity, 17th century. Portable icon,
  • Sts Ignatius and Savas, 17th century. Portable icon,
  • Sts Athanasius, Cyril and John the Merciful, 17th century. Portable icon.
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