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Vasiliki – Papagiannades

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Vasiliki – Papagiannades

After going through the small village of Vasiliki, follow the asphalt road that leads to the Ierapetra-Aghios Nikolaos highway. Cross over this highway to the other side to take up the dirt road that leads to the small village of Monastiraki. Pass through the village going uphill along the rough dirt road following a southeasterly direction. At a marked point turn left, leaving the dirt road behind. Now you are on an uphill trail that eventually leads to the dirt road that comes from Kato...
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Gorge of Sarakina

To the west of Ierapetra at a distance of 20 kilometres, lies the picturesque village Mythi. The gorge of Sarakina begins at a short distance from the village, which is alternatively called Sarantapichos by the locals. According to the myth, Sarantapichos (a giant, son of Zeus) was crossing the mountain when he got thirsty. So, he leaned to the river to quench his thirst. As a result, his long beard tore the mobile casino mountain mobile casino in two, thus the gorge was born. The vegetation...
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Gorge of Ha

The gorge of Ha is a very particular feature of the geomorphology of the area. It is considered as one of the wildest gorges in Greece, a rare geological natural phenomenon, which could be the consequence of only one intrinsic factor, that of tectonic activity. p> Its name probably comes from the verb etymology "chasko" (which means "form a gap" in Greek). We could say that this is a pristine biotope, untouched by humans, since its geomorphology forbids everyone to make its acquaintance,...
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Museum of the Toplou Monastery

There are the following collections: Collection of Cretan icons, Collection of engravings. The most important exhibits of the Museum are: Τheotokos the Immaculate, 15th century. Portable icon, Christ Pantocrator, 15th century. Portable icon, painted by Andreas Ritzos, St John the Precursor with scenes of his life, 17th century. Portable icon painted by F. Kavertzas, The Dormition of the Virgin, 15th online casino century. Portable icon, Virgin of the Passion and St Nicolas, 1642. Portable...
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Palace of Phaistos

The palace of Phaistos, one of the most important Minoan palaces and the second in size (about 18.000m2) after that of Knossos, is built on a rise in the western part of the large and fertile plain of Mesara. From this point the local ruler- king controlled not only the products of the plain but also the exit to the sea and the ports of the gulf of Mesara (positions Kalamaki, Kommos and Matala). This low hill belongs to a series of small hills which extend towards the east, between Mount Ida in...
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