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The tavern looking over the sea will fulfill your expectations of discovering what makes Mediterranean and Cretan Cuisine so special and famous. Here every visitor can taste delicious daily cooked dishes, culinary creations of seafood and fresh fish.

Enjoy the quality of fresh local products and drinks. Everything is cooked and served with extra virgin Cretan olive oil.

So, please have a seat, the pleasure is all ours!


The best ingredients

The fertile Cretan earth with the rich wild flora offers a wonderful veriety of edible greens, which are the main ingredient of the most exciting dishes of the Cretan cuisine.

The famous aromatic wild herbs are used in the local cuisine upgrading even the most ordinary materials. They are also used for valuable teas. As apicultural plants they contribute to the uniqueness of the Cretan honey. Dairy products and the local meat are extremely tasty.

We use only pure Cretan olive oil

Today it is believed that olive oil is the secret of the Cretan diet and the Cretan longevity. Instead of butter try in your breakfast… wholemeal bread or dried bread soaked in Cretan virgin olive oil! You can fragnance it by adding a herb or a combination of your favourite herbs. It will be the best, the healthiest and the most delicious breakfast.

American dietitians who arrived in Crete in the late ’50s to study the phenomeno of the Cretans’ longevity, where amazed at what they saw! “Oh dear! They eat so much oil”, explained the internationally famous doctor and pioneer in nutrition matters Ancel Keys, as he saw the green salad literally swimming in olive oil. In fact, ο Keys repeated what almost all the travellers that were interested in the everyday life of the Cretan people had noted.


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